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Empowering Prosperity

We believe in finding solutions to every business challenge by asking tough questions and listening.  We know that sometimes the answers are hard to see until they are asked in a different way.  That’s what we do well. We find solutions that create profitable growth.  How?

Strategic Plan - We help build a strategic plan that aligns the goals, mission, vision, and values of the business.  Every solopreneur and business needs to align these important guideposts to operate successfully. 

Sales Growth - Creating revenue is the catalyst for every business.  Something has to be sold to create profit. Embracing the methods and practices of servant-minded selling unlocks unlimited potential for your business.  We show you how.

Operations - Operating profitably means efficient, effective systems that are duplicable.  Even the smallest business needs systems.  We work with you to share best practices and learn cost-effective methods to build and scale your business.

Accountability - Setting a plan in motion and staying focused requires people to take action, measure the results and make adjustments along the way.  Implementing a plan requires Action and Accountability.

Results -  We believe the only results required to be successful are Profitable Growth that aligns with your values. That’s our mission.  To ensure every client achieves profitable growth year over year in a culture that aligns with the founding principles of the business. 

Master Your Business

Business Mastery 
Learn what you must know to succeed in business today

You Can't Be An Expert At Everything

Is building a profitable growing business important to you?

   Do you feel like your working harder than ever and not moving forward?

        Is your business strategy deliverying the growth you need?

Business Mastery  
is designed for the busy entrepreneur committed to profitable growth
ready to  lead a business
instead of "doing the business."

Learn best practices, systems, tips, valuable insights, and lessons gained
from a business pro with over 45 years of business experience .
SSOAR Solutions offers a customized, personalized
business advisory service that is guaranteed
to bring you results.

Business Breakthrough for the Small Business Owner
Live Online Group Training

Are you ready for a  BREAKTHROUGH to the next level?

50 weeks of training on key business strategies to grow your business 

  Weekly LIVE mastermind to help you apply what you learn to YOUR business

  24-hour access to the complete DIY Training Library

SSOAR Solutions is a valuable asset for the small business owner looking to make a big breakthrough in their business. SSOAR Solutions offers a comprehensive training program designed to help entrepreneurs find new areas of opportunity, develop effective strategies, and implement innovative tactics that can have an immediate impact on the success of their business. SSOAR Solutions gives small business owners one-on-one guidance and advice to continually develop their success story. With SSOAR Solutions' reliable knowledge, advanced resources and practical support, anyone with big dreams can turn them into big realities!

Business Mastermind for the Small Business Owner
Live Online Group Training

As a small business owner, you make all the important decisions. Your leadership team is changing as you learn to navigate a growing organization to accommodate 

  Growth and Sales





These are the hats you wear every day. 

Business Mastery for Small Business Owners is designed for you. 
Learn how to lead each critical functional area of your business with this comprehensive instruction on what you need to know to succeed. 

  Is your team working well together? 

  Is your team exceeding expectations?

  Do you know who your future leaders are and how they are going to get there?

Developing leaders, improving performance, and creating a strong culture are all elements of Team Development.

SSOAR Solutions  provides the training and support you need to take your teams to the next level.

Team Development
Customized Group Training

Talent Development

If you are wondering ...

  Should I hire someone to do that?

  How do I find the right person to do that?

  Where can I find the best person to do that?

Then it’s time for a talk with SSOAR Solutions.  It starts with the finding the right person.   SSOAR Solutions has partnered with Career Plug to proivde our clients with the best hiring platform that is affordable and controlable by you. 

Personalized Executive Coaching 
One-to-One Coaching

This is for you as a business leader.

Our weekly personalized coaching meeting includes working on the business needs and on your personal development.  You can’t know it all.  Nor should you. 

So how do you lead to empower others and lift the performance of your team? 

We build on your strengths and learn how to develop leadership on your executive team while holding the business to the standards and culture you have defined. 

It is a process defined specifically for you with personal development and team development integrated into your business strategy.

Build a Powerful Team


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Choose the Right Advisor

Business Advisor

A Business Advisor will evaluate your business and advise you on your options for profitable growth.  Your business advisor may guide your strategic planning process, evaluate processes and systems, prepare your financial projections and connect you vendors or suppliers. 

Strategic Advisor

A Business Coach will do all that the Business Advisor offers and will work directly with you or your leadership team to guide the implementation and evaluation processes you have defined.  Weekly meetings ensure you stay on track.

Digital Marketing Advisor

Your Digital Marketing Advisor will assist you in defining what you need to achieve your digital marketing strategy.  Your advisor will guide your planning for your website, social media, email marketing and customer follow up. 

Real Estate

Property Investor 

meet Rudi Gresham.  Property Investor



Copy about speaking  services

Meet Our SSOARsolutions  Team

Business Strategist

Pam Dean

Partner & Political Advisor

Rudi Gresham

HR & Compensation Advisor

Mike Mika

Digital Marketing Advisor

Terri Stevenson

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

Matthew Maniscalco
Page Insurance

“As a small business owner you are constantly being contacted by “professionals” who can “change” your business over night.. whether it’s the newest technology or “key to success” they are offering you…
Well, Pam Dean with SOAR Solutions didn’t come in and promise me the world…I got to know her through her service heart and love for the community. I then.. CHOSE to to have her help me bring my agency to the next level. She came in and listened. (To both me and my team individually) She related to me and brought a confidence and feeling of self worth to me personally that I hadn’t ever experienced.
She guided me through tough hard thought out decisions that had to be made to better our agencies future. Ones I honestly wouldn’t have ever been able to tackle alone.
With all that being said, motivation and guidance is great but doesn’t produce to anything without a direct plan of action. That is what Pam continued to provide me with. Overcoming obstacles together and putting me into a position to succeed on my own as well. Because of the programs I put in place with SOAR solutions I was able to pay myself my first EVER quarterly Owners Comp BONUS! Because of the programs I now have in place, that bonus will only be increased regularly and maintained throughout the life of my business. All of this without cutting back or terminating employees. Pam helped me understand both my business and myself on a higher level! Thank you Pam!!! HIGHLY RECCOMEND ”

Nancy Sharff
ASEA Distributor & Professional Golfer

"Wow, has my life taken off since I met and collaborated with Pam Dean.  Pam has the knowledge, skills and experience to lift anyone with a vision, a dream and a business.   SHe knows how to SSOAR!  I am an ASEA Associate and a Professional Golfer and both areas are growing significantly.  Thank you Pam!. Very Grateful."

Kellee H. Smith
Prestige Properties
Broker / Owner

"Pam Dean of SSOAR Solutions has helped me and my team increase production and increase sales. I have learned how to communicate clearly with my team and to reflect on my leadership skills. Pam is an excellent listener and really helped me improve my bottom line.”